Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?

Please head over to Café del Mar Ibiza reservations page here.

To make a reservation for international Café del Mar venue please go to their corresponding website, list of venues can be found here.

What are season 2018 opening hours?

Café del Mar Ibiza is open everyday from March 29th until late October. Opening hours are from 15:00 until late night. Please follow Café del Mar Ibiza facebook for additional information. Opening hours for international Café del Mar venues can be found on their official websites.

How Can I Apply For A Job?

Please see our jobs page for open positions. Follow Café del Mar Ibiza facebook page for recruitment day announcements for seasonal workers.

Please do NOT send unsolicited CV/job applications to our general email or via contact form, these will not be considered.

Are children welcome?

Children of all ages are welcome to Café del Mar Ibiza. Some of our international venues are not suitable for children, please refer to their corresponding websites for more information.

Please be advised that the music can be loud for small children.

How Can I Send you Demos?

If you are a music producer and want us to consider your productions for our compilations/mixes, please submit your material via private link on our soundcloud page here.

We will NOT listen to submissions made in any other way.

Can I Use Your Music In My Projects?

We cannot allow the music featured on our albums to be used for any purpose without written authorization. Please contact us for more information.

Do You Have Entry Fee / Minimum spend?

There is no entry fee to Café del Mar Ibiza. Please contact Ibiza reservation for minimum spend.

For international Café del Mar venues, refer to their official websites for more information.

How can I open a Café del Mar franchise?

To learn more about our franchising opportunities, please refer to Café del Mar Group website.

Where Can I Buy Your Merchandise?

You can buy our merchandise in Café del Mar shop next to our venue in Ibiza. For the moment is not possible to buy Café del Mar merchandise online.

Where Can I Buy Your Music?

You can find our albums on all popular download & streaming portals such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google Play and Deezer.

You can find our physical products on Amazon and Café del Mar Ibiza Shop.

We are not selling albums directly.

Unfortunately not all our titles are available on CD.